Tube TV & Projection TV

We remove your tv set for only $65 any size , anywhere on your property . will recycle your old TV tube properly. Let us come and pickup your TV and remove it for you.

Give us a call we can show you our TV set removal and disposal skills!


Let the junkguys come to your home to remove your Projection TV set and dispose of it. Our two man crew loves to haul away old projection

Projection TV Sets for only $65.00.

TV Removal and disposal $65

Tube removal and disposal $65

We Service the Austin Area and its surrounding Cities


Projection TVs cause harm to the earth and the local city landfill , tv ,crt tubes, computer moniters and projection tvs have dangerous gases inside of them . JunkGuys Austin properly recycles all tvs and keeps them out of the city landfill we recycle 90% of all tvs and crts .

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