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JunkGuys offers bed bug mattress removal and disposal Texas , our JunkGuys Austin team knows how to handle and properly remove and haul off your bed bug infested mattress. We can remove your whole bed for only $75.00 any part of the bed is the same price. If you call us out to remove your bed frame , headboard , box spring or mattress its still the same price $75 doesn’t matter to us if we haul off the whole bed or any piece of the bed its the same price.

JunkGuys Austin goes into any room in your home or business to remove and haul off your bed bug infested mattress. No need to move your mattress, we remove your bed bug infested mattress from anywhere on your property. Let us pick up your mattress.

Your mattress pick up can be in any condition , it doesn't matter what it looks like to us.

Conditions of our Mattress pick ups:

Smelly Mattress removal

Bed Bug Mattress removal

Wet or damp Mattress removal

Infected Mattress removal

Bloody Mattress removal

Urine Stained Mattress removal

Dog Haired Mattress removal

If your mattress is not infested with bed bugs , we do our best in recycling it , we recycle 50% of all mattresses. Most Foam padding and metal springs are recycled .

We DO NOT recycle bed bug infested mattresses ! They go straight to the local landfill .

Give us a call we can show you our mattress removal and disposal skills!

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