Junior Corporate Law Scholars Workshop

Mondays, 1 pm CET

The Junior Scholars Corporate Law Workshop provides a platform for junior pre-tenured scholars to present their unpublished work to a broad academic audience. Sessions are organised by a consortium of universities (Bocconi University, Cambridge University, Columbia Law School, Edinburgh Law School, EUI, Goethe University, Harvard Law School, Lund University, National University of Singapore, Northwestern Pritzker School of Law, Oxford University, Rutgers Law School, Tilburg University, University of Amsterdam, University of Hamburg, University of Leeds, University of Zurich, Vanderbilt Law School, Yale Law School), and have taken place annually since 2019.

Each seminar lasts 60 minutes, depending on the speaker's preferences (usually a 20 minute presentation and 40 minutes of Q&A). We invite relevant experts as keynote speakers and encourage co-authors to attend talks too.

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Meeting ID: 940 1255 0751

Passcode: 848921


The Junior Scholars Corporate Law Conference is open to any interested corporate law scholar worldwide. The seminars are held on Zoom.

If you would like to participate, either as an audience member or a presenter, sign up to our mailing list here. While we will be making the zoom link publicly available, papers will only be circulated to subscribers of our mailing list.

Participation can be in two forms:

1) Viewer: You are free to connect only for the sessions that you find interesting, but you cannot present a paper.

2) Presenter: You will present a paper, but you are required to attend all (or at least the vast majority) of the other sessions. The basic idea is that participants will take time to read your paper and give you feedback, so you should return the favor when it is their time to present. You can sign up to present a paper via the link below ("Apply to Present a Paper").

We send out a weekly email with details of that week's seminar and joining instructions to all registered users.