Jungseul Ok

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I’m currently working as postdoctoral researcher with Prof. Alexandre Proutiere in School of Electrical Engineering at KTH, Sweden. I finished Ph.D program in School of Electrical Engineering at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), South Korea, under the supervision of Prof. Yung Yi and Prof. Jinwoo Shin.

I’m interested in understanding and improving practical systems based on theoretical model and analysis, where my research lies at the intersection of applied mathematics and network systems including wireless network, social network, and probabilistic graphical model. Currently, my major focus is social models with certain purposes such as crowdsourcing and information spread. Here are my research topics and keywords:

Reinforcement Learning - regret minimization, multi-armed bandit, Markov decision process

Social Network - strategic diffusion, influence maximization, Ising model, hitting time analysis

Learning in Graphical Model - crowdsourced classification, belief propagation, correlation decay

Wireless Network - rate adaptation for 802.11n/ac, network virtualization, multi-armed bandit


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Short Summary

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  • Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, KAIST, South Korea, 2011.02 - 2016.08
  • B.S.E., Electrical Engineering, KAIST, South Korea, 2007.02 - 2011.02

Work Experience

  • 2017.04 - Current: Postdoctoral Researcher, School of Electrical Engineering, KTH, Sweden
  • 2016.10 - 2016.03: Postdoctoral Researcher, School of Electrical Engineering, KAIST, South Korea
  • 2016.02 - 2016.05: Research Intern, Theory Group, Microsoft Research Asia, China
  • 2015.06 - 2015.10: Research Intern, Center of Non-Linear Studies, Los Alamos National Laboratory, United State
  • 2015.02 - 2015.05: Research Intern, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, United State


  • Qualcomm-KAIST Innovation Award, Qualcomm, 2016
  • Nomination Award, Fellowships at Microsoft Research Asia, 2015
  • Bronze Prize, 21st Samsung Humantech Thesis, Samsung Electronics, 2014
  • Summa Cum Laude Honor, KAIST, 2011
  • Silver Prize, Undergraduate Research Program, KAIST, 2010