Julietta, a self-taught painter continues to study art under various mentors. She started with oils then moved to acrylics and every now and then uses mixed media and more recently she started working with clay.

She is captivated by women, motion, emotion, absorbed by figures, shadows, use of light and color. Whether just for her own enjoyment or for public display, she loves to use her brush and paints to creatively capture a likeness, a notion. She likes to make marks with her paint, rather than try for a photographic smoothness. Regardless of the end result, she aspires to an accurate observation, created with painterly expressive marks, like a potion in n her life drawing, She also loves to explore mark making - building up her drawings with a complex pattern of marks and varied line. From time to time she varies her subject matter with a landscape or artistic animal art, yet people remain her true passion.

Julietta started working with clay in 2017. When asked why she branched into pottery, she says she likes the idea of creating shapes with her hands. She loves the feeling of touching clay and molding it to her liking! It's her meditation. What she likes best about the process is the magic that is created after placing her work into the kiln because you never know what color will be created by the interaction of the glaze in the heat. It requires patience and above all, faith in a higher power, in this case - mother earth.

Julietta was born in Strasbourg, France. She attended college in the south of France in Nice and then as an exchange student in the United States. She moved to the United States at first to the East Coast in Maryland and landed up in the San Francisco bay area where she has resided since 1984. She lives in the Santa Cruz Harbor, a place she is proud to call home.