Julia Salmi

Assistant Professor

University of Copenhagen

Department of Economics

julia.salmi@econ.ku.dk, julia.salmi@aalto.fi

Research interests:

Microeconomic theory, industrial organization, dynamic games, information economics.

Working papers:

'Gradual Learning from Incremental Actions' with Tuomas Laiho and Pauli Murto.

'Coasian Dynamics and Endogenous Learning' with Tuomas Laiho

'Social Learning and Monopoly Pricing with Forward Looking Buyers: Entry of New Consumers' with Tuomas Laiho.

(Previous version of 'Coasian Dynamics and Endogenous Learning' with additional results.)

'Optimal Reputation Dynamics'.

Work in progress:

'Exogenous Exit in Repeated Games'.


'Uncertainty about Verifiability of Private Information in Asset Markets' with Andrey Zhukov.