Howdy I'm Julia! Graphic designer. Doodler. Thinker. Philosophy graduate. Provisional RGD. Enthusiast of questioning.
Fallout aficionado. Drag Race fan. Parent of two bunnies and one chunky cat. I love branding, typography, editorial, book design, and print. I'm also a hobbyist painter and artist.

Binge editorial

Inner pages

How do we bring together streaming and print?

Binge was an ode to the entertainment and nostalgia we take solace in. A section included a reflection on the previous year, set in black and white to enhance this feeling. The cover included a bespoke masthead and tagline. 

Photos were sourced online, then edited in Photoshop. InDesign was used to layout 50+ pages. Three original ads were also included throughout.

How can simplicity be used across collateral?

Boss Bee was a company that produced honey harvested from the owner’s hives. 

A logo was created for the client then applied to a business card, an envelope, and a letter-head. Brown was chosen to reflect the product’s natural quality, and yellow to invoke the richness of honey. Hexagons were used to refer to the shape of a honeycomb.

Boss Bee branding

Visual identity

Canada Post puffins

Postcard options

How can a classic symbol be given new life?

This project required the creation and application of a Canadian symbol. 

The puffin was drawn by hand and then scanned. It was cleaned up in Photoshop and the remaining assets were made in Illustrator. The puffin was applied to stamps, postcards, and brochures. Both english and french were included, creating an additional challenge for typesetting.

How can a vast story be visually condensed?

This project required several deliverables: An album cover, vinyl labels, a tour poster, and apparel. The imagery was inspired by the sci-fi story of the band’s oeuvre (where themes of mortality and space exploration are key). 

The high contrast illustrative style emulated a graphic novel, as comics were part of the band’s identity. All imagery was created in Adobe Photoshop.

Coheed & Cambria album redesign

Apparel merchandise

Coughies branding

Package design

How can a new brand be visually unique?

Coughies was a local coffee shop that needed updated branding. The client requested a variety of assets: a logo, merchandise, and packaging. 

The logo was inspired by the urban night-dwelling raccoon. All subsequent branding was created around night-time imagery and cityscapes. The colour scheme was used to emulate shining, nocturnal eyes. The brand was created in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

How do we refer to history in our design?

This project was to create a book cover and set the accompanying 350+ pages of text.

The cover was inspired by the main character’s journey from a mountain back into society. The mountain is shown upside-down to refer to his inversion of morals throughout the book. The overall style was influenced by modern European art and Futura was chosen to represent Germany; the author's home.

Zarathustra book redesign

Redesigned book cover


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