About Julia

The Life Story (short version, we promise)

Line dance choreographer and instructor Julia Wetzel lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and two daughters.

Ever since her ballet lessons at age 5, Julia has always known that dancing would become one of her life's passions. Although her career path led her to software development in the high tech industry of Silicon Valley's, throughout the years, she continued to explore and train in many different forms of dance. She was first introduced to line dancing through country & western venues in the early 1990's, however, it was in 2008 that she finally found her true passion in modern line dancing.

In 2011, Julia started choreographing line dances. Her dances are well loved globally and have millions of views on YouTube. Some of her popular hit dances include:


In 2012, Julia became an instructor of line dancing. Always focusing on technique, style and musicality, Julia has taught line dancing at all levels in her classes in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has also traveled extensively conducting workshops at numerous line dancing events worldwide.

For the future, Julia hopes to continue her work in line dance choreography and instruction. She welcomes the opportunity to travel and meet dancers from around the world.

See you on the dance floor!