Judith Onley was a Spiritual Mentor who communicated and taught with the assistance of “US” (United Souls of Heaven and Earth), a group of non-physical beings who are spiritual teachers. She wrote “angelic messages” for many years and shared this empowering information live in group settings or one-on-one. Those who attend group channels are profoundly affected, not only by the words of the messages, but by the energy, as they actually receive an “activation” at a deep cellular level. S

She travelled throughout North America, Mexico, Spain, Morocco and England, sharing the loving energy and empowering messages for the benefit of all those who are “awakening” at this time of unprecedented shifts, transformations and possibilities.

Judith was a woman who faced and conquered many challenges in her life. She lived from the heart, believed in her dreams, and had the strength of character to pursue her life’s purpose. Her faith in Spirit and the intrinsic goodness of human life characterized both her work and her interactions with others. Judith cherished the opportunity to share her life experiences – to inspire and motivate people to believe in themselves and their dreams, thereby experiencing the JOY of life.

Through her role as Channel, Reiki Master, E.M.F. Practitioner and Spiritual Mentor, Judith helped people to integrate harmony in the body, which creates freedom, inner peace and empowerment. By assisting people to connect with their “Divine Essence” and actually feel it in their body, she enabled them to truly live the truth of who they are as Divine Beings.