Resources and Services

JCP is fully equipped with the most modern machineries to manufacture and supply precast concrete masonry units up to the volume of 50,000 units per day. Its success has been the result of its commitment to total customer satisfaction. It understands the need for the timely delivery of a quality product, and is dedicated to meet the customer’s requirements. With three batching plants, a state-of-the-art batching and delivery system, JCP is uniquely positioned to make your project a total success.

Technical Proficiency

JCP considers technical capability as its core competency. Engineers with relevant experience, exposure and educational qualifications are leading the technical department. JCP Team is committed to R&D in concrete technology.

Quality Assurance

All ingredients & products are thoroughly tested for its quality and physical properties in well-equipped laboratory. It ensures that the products coming out of the machines exceeds the requirements of the clients and also quality standards as per ASTM & other standards. Quality Control systems monitor every stage of production and enable the company to achieve highest targets in quality and consistency.