For more than 20 years I've been involved in every single process of a CG animation production, from the creative, artistic, technical, financial, and logistical perspective. I love producing animation!

I've worked not just producing but also as a creator and director on animated movies broadcasted by Youtube, Disney XD, Cartoon Network, PBS Kids, TVE Clan, Netflix, BBC, France Television, and many other channels all over the world.

My most recent gig

As a creative director, my role involved the supervision of the creativities for the series (20 episodes)
—scripts, animatics, concept art & design, animation, and final look—

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Genoma Animation studio

Meet my CG studio,
Genoma Animation

Juanma Sanchez Cervantes

Independent animation
producer & creative director

Juanma Sánchez Cervantes - Animation Director & Producer

I started creating computer animation in the early '90s, in Spain, together with my Computer Engineering and Fine Arts university studies. Without any doubt, the '90s were a very special decade for CG animation lovers.

In 2000, I founded Genoma Animation, a CG animation studio that provides services and also produces its own IPs. Genoma created and produced "The Secret Life of Suckers", a 104 x 2 min. TV comedy for Disney XD.

As an independent director, in the last years, I've been collaborating on a wide range of projects, such as directing Angry Birds Toons episodes or assuming the position of Creative Director at Genera Games, one of the biggest video games studios in Spain.

Recently, I finished the complete CG animation production for the TV special Fairy Tale Forest, directed by Mark Risley, created by Margarethe Baillou, Jody Gray and Allan Neuwirth, and with Mel Brooks and Whoopi Goldberg in the cast.

My studio's latest service

Flower of the Dawn (pilot of the Fairy Tale Forest series) is the latest service made by my studio, Genoma Animation. This work meant 42 minutes of full CG animation, from 3D assets creation to final composition.

" I've had the pleasure of working with Juanma on multiple projects over the course of many years and he has not only never disappointed me he has always exceeded my expectations.

... An artist like this with a producer's sense of production is indeed a rare find. "

Mark Risley, Director.

" Getting to collaborate with Juanma recently on an animated musical project for TV has been, without question, one of the great joys of my professional life. As a person, he's simply a delight -- and as a director, designer and producer, his talent, energy and dedication are spectacular.

I would work with him again in a heartbeat! "

Allan Neuwirth, Emmy-nominated, award-winning Screenwriter & Producer.

" I was fortunate to work with Juanma on two projects. Two projects with a lot of volume of work and shots. Juanma is a very meticulous professional. And I was very impressive his skills in terms of organization and team-leading. Also, Juanma doesn't overcontrol the process and this is the most important thing in a creative team. As an artist, I hope to work with him in the future.

I only have kind words for him and I highly recommend him for any project. "

Luis Velasco, Senior Animator at Skydance Animation.

You can contact me here: / my LinkedIn profile.