After Your Session

After Your Session:

  • Drink plenty of water for at least the next 24 hours after your session.
  • It is normal to experience a wide range of feelings and sensations during and after your session; taking the time to feel and explore these sensations is an important part of the work.
  • Many people feel very good after their sessions, but some people may experience discomfort, pain, or unusual symptoms for up to three days afterwards. This is very normal and can be part of the healing process. Take care of yourself and allow yourself time and space to rest as needed. If you have any questions or concerns with which I may assist, please do reach out to me.
  • Plan to take it easy after your bodywork session. You may feel either tired or energized. Listen to your body and take a break if you need one.
  • Take note of how your body, mind, and spirit feels after your session and let me know next time your see me, or feel free to send me a message.