Juha Tolvanen

I am an applied microeconomist and am especially interested in the role that information and communication have in forming social outcomes. These issues motivate my work in two areas of economic interaction: industrial organization and political economy.


As for industrial organization, I am passionate about the disproportionate impact that even small information advantages held by few market participants have on global market structures. Within political economy, I study how new anti-establishment parties continue to use ambiguity and unpredictability in their communication to gain votes and affect the stability of contemporary democracies. These are two readings of the same fundamental questions: what people do when they hold information that others do not, and how that can lead to market failures, populist outbursts, failed companies, and, essentially, lost wealth.


Working directly with companies and organizations, I address the immaterial nature of communication and information, and aim to quantify the economic implications of information flows. I do this combining theory with the data sources generated in the day-to-day company operations.


I obtained my PhD from Princeton in 2016 and currently work as an assistant professor at the Tor Vergata University of Rome. 


Strategic Responses to Algorithmic Recommendations, joint with Daniel Garcia and Alexander K. Wagner (2024). Management Science,  Forthcoming.

Demand Estimation using Managerial Responses to Automated Price Recommendations (with Daniel Garcia and Alexander Wagner)
Management Science, Volume 68, No 13, 2022, pp. 7918–7939.

Ambiguous Platforms and Correlated Preferences: Experimental Evidence (with James Tremewan and Alexander K. Wagner)
American Political Science Review, Volume 116 , Issue 2 , May 2022 , pp. 734 - 750.

A correction to “Large games and the law of large numbers” (with Elefterios Soultanis)
- Games and Economic Behavior (2012)

Working Papers

Pulp Friction: The Value of Quantity Contracts in Decentralized Markets (with Olivier Darmouni and Simon Essig Aberg)

Measuring Moral Hazard with Panel Data on Insurance

On Political Ambiguity and Anti-Establishment Platforms
R&R European Economic Review

Work in Progress

Economic Aryanization in the City of Bordeaux (with Julien Senn and Stephanos Vlachos)

Strategic Communication and Algorithmic Advice (with Emilio Calvano and Clemens Possnig)


I have taught a range of courses from public economics to mechanism design; this semester I am teaching Foundational Econometrics within the Philosophy and Economics Master’s program and a bachelor seminar on Empirical and Applied Microeconomics.

Contact Information:


Department of Economics and Finance
Tor Vergata University of Rome
Via Columbia, 2
00133 Roma