John Schofield


Welcome to John Schofield's home page.

I have been working in, and thinking and writing about, the archaeology of London for a number of years. From 1974 to 2008 I worked at the Museum of London. I have been privileged to work for short periods on the heritage of Jamaica and Lebanon. Since 1990 I have been the Cathedral Archaeologist for St Paul's Cathedral in London.

Here you will find

  • details of the books I have written about the archaeology of the City of London and medieval towns in Britain: books
  • some of the articles and papers I have written, which you can download: articles
  • a summary of several pieces of research on the archaeology and history of St Paul's Cathedral, both the medieval and Wren buildings, including a current project to reconstruct the inside and outside of the cathedral in the time of John Donne, our famous Dean: St Paul's Cathedral
  • a page about my current research into the port of London, and the reconstruction of secular London buildings, especally in the years 1500 to 1700: London buildings
  • my contact details and a list of all my books and articles: contact and info.

** The links to documents for download (my articles and papers) do not seem to work for some computers. I am trying to rectify this. It seems that you have to possess a Google account, to access the files from the Google drive where they are stored. If this is so, it is unfortunate.

You can anyway download a wider selection of my articles and papers at