Our Volunteers

For over 30 years, volunteers have been an integral part of the Park and Museum. They bring a wealth of expertise and energy to all aspects of JPPM's activities - archaeology, history, conservation, education, events, and visitor services. Whether working individually with staff or as a group, our volunteers enable JPPM to bring Maryland's rich history to life for our community.

"We have enjoyed every event and activity. We have learned fun crafts like atl-atl, archery, cornhusk dolls, pinch pots and more. We have also broadened our knowledge of Native Americans, the War of 1812, the history of Maryland’s agricultural past and archaeology! But most of all, we love the beauty of the park, the enthusiasm, knowledge and creativity of the staff, and the closeness and connection we feel with both the staff and other volunteers."

~ 2018 Volunteer of the Year, Debbie Holt