Support JP Orlewicz

This website is a resource for supporters of Jean Pierre "JP" Orlewicz. In 2007, at the age of 17, JP was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. This means that without some change to his sentence or conviction, JP has been sentenced to die in prison.

It is the goal of this website to coordinate support for JP and to provide a more complete understanding of the case. Updates on JP and his case may be provided from time to time.

Introduction to JP’s Case

JP was convicted in 2007 for the stabbing-death of Daniel Vincent Sorenson. Almost immediately, the case was carelessly labeled a “Thrill Kill” by the prosecutor’s office and the media ran away with the headline. Almost no details concerning the background of the case were allowed at trial. The most important details about the case have been largely inaccurate or incomplete.

The missing pieces reveal a much different picture than what has been presented to the public. These details are critical to understanding what happened and necessary for providing essential context. Such information includes the bizarre and predatory relationship between Mr. Sorenson and JP, as well as the timeline leading up to Mr. Sorenson’s death.

When all of the facts are presented, it is crystal clear that Mr. Soreson’s death was not a “Thrill Kill,” but the undoing of a much older man with a history of abuse and violence, who repeatedly manipulated and intimidated vulnerable individuals through death threats and extortion. The events that led to his death are consistent with an extraordinary pattern of predatory behavior documented by numerous PPOs, police reports, victim statements, criminal convictions, and even Mr. Sorenson's own words.

Mr. Sorenson's death is tragic and sympathy is due to his friends and family, but that does not erase Mr. Sorenson's own history of indefensible actions and his abusive and predatory behavior towards JP, as well as many other documented victims who attempted to evade and escape him. Read Our Story.