Burley Basics - BMS 101

Definitions/explanations are added as needed. If you have an question or an idea for an addition, please let us know!


AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination – a program started by a teacher a little over 25 years ago for “students in the middle,” often who would be a family’s first generation to go to college – to support students w/academic, organization, and study skills to help kids access higher level courses. More info is a http://AVID.org


BLAST is on Fridays, and it’s the last 30-minutes of school. Grade levels go outside or stay inside on a rotation (usually 1 grade is indoors, 1 is on the soccer field, and 1 is on the baseball field). We have a variety of activities for the grade level that stays inside (for ex: some sort of mentor lesson, or some required survey {like the recent “Speak Up” survey}, etc.).

ICA Days

ICA stands for “Intramurals, Clubs and Activities.” We offer a wide variety of activities for an hour on an ICA day, and students sign up in advance for what interests them. They sign up for Oct/Nov, Jan/Feb, and Mar/Apr. They can sign up for the same activities during those rotations, or they can sign up for something different.