Burley Middle Info

School Hours: 9:04am - 4:05pm


Fax: 434-984-4975

Website: http://www2.k12albemarle.org/school/bms/Pages/default.aspx

Lunch Times:

6th grade: 12:03p – 12:33p

7th grade: 1:31p – 2:01p

8th grade: 12:48p – 1:17p

Drop Off/Pick Up

Morning Drop Off:

  • Students can be dropped off no earlier than 8:30am at the front entrance to the school on Rose Hill Drive. The ONLY exception is if students are meeting with a teacher.
  • If your student is being driven to school, you will need to drop them off at the front entrance on Rose Hill Drive. It is a kiss and ride line! If you need to park and come in for some reason, please park in a designated parking spot in the back lot or on the street AWAY from the front entrance so you do not interrupt the kiss and ride lane.

Afternoon Pick Up:

  • Our afternoon pick up is in the back of the school! Students are not allowed to be dismissed out the front in the afternoon for safety reasons, as determined by the local police department recommendation.
  • We have a kiss and ride line in the back of the school for students needing to be picked up. Students MUST wait in the line on the sidewalk until their ride is curbside to the school. They will not be allowed to cross traffic unless you walk with them.

School Meal Pricing

Student Breakfast K-12 ​ $1.35

Student Lunch: Elementary ​ ​$2.30

Student Lunch: Middle-High​ ​$2.55

Adult Breakfast​ ​$1.65

Adult Lunch​ ​$3.10

​Ala Carte Milk ​$0.55

​Reduced Price Breakfast ​$0.30

​Reduced Price Lunch ​$0.40

Stay Connected: There are three major ways to know what’s going on: the Burley website, the Parent Portal and the Burley Bulletin. Additionally, throughout the year, for major announcements, a “connect-ed” may be sent out by our administration.

THE PARENT PORTAL: This is the only way you will be receiving report cards and be able to monitor your student’s progress. They will be released on Parent Portal. If you have not set up your account, please come by the office to pick up your access key to set it up.


  • The best thing you can do is to call by 2:30 pm or send in a note so that we can write an ‘early dismissal pass.’ We call the student into the office or have the pass delivered to them so that at the appropriate time, they can simply come to the office. Dismissal passes helps us avoid interrupting the classroom to get the student dismissed.
  • Parents must come into the office for us to release the student. We need to make sure we are dismissing students to an authorized individual.

PLEASE NOTE: We can NOT dismiss out the front door after 3:45pm! We will still dismiss your student early, but they will be sent to the back of the school to Parent Pick Up. We will have a staff member in the back supervising pickups after.


  • Burley does not allow students to have their cell phone on their person during the school day. They may bring them to school and leave it in their locker during the day. If a teacher notices a cell phone, it is confiscated and sent to the office and a parent must come to pick it up. Exceptions are when a teacher asks students to bring a smart phone to class for educational use.
  • In an effort to decrease classroom interruptions, students are only allowed to use the office phone to reach home before school, during lunch, and after school.

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