PTO Activities

What does the JP Burley PTO do?

Burley Bulletin: Burley’s electronic newsletter is compiled by a PTO parent.

Loyalty Shopping - Various Store Cards: Conduct a campaign to remind folks to register or re-register their grocery store loyalty shopping cards. Campaign efforts would include doing a flyer to go home and/or writing a blurb for the Burley Bulletin.

Direct Pledge Drive: Organize the effort to get donations so the PTO can continue their support of the programs and activities that benefits the entire Burley family of students and teachers. This effort replaces all fundraising activities. Help is needed to get a flyer to go home to kick-off the drive, which occurs at the beginning of the school year and then again as needed.

Box Tops and Labels: Cutting those labels = money for our school!

Webmaster: Maintaining the PTO Website.

Volunteer Coordinator: Updating/maintaining volunteer forms and database.

Book Fair: Coordinating the book fair that will be held at Barnes & Noble.

Parent/Teacher Conference Meals: Coordinating donations of food for teacher's dinner on conference nights.

Teacher Appreciation Month: Providing notes and treats to show the teachers our thanks.

8th Grade Graduation Dance: Organize and set up the dance for the 8th Graders following the middle school completion ceremony.

It takes a Volunteer! Click on the Volunteer Interest link here or in the SUPPORT drop down menu to get the process started to help make our school a better world. On the job training provided! Every hand helps! Every idea is welcomed!