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Universität Regensburg

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Brief Bio:

I am originally from Australia. After doing a BA at Melbourne University I began grad school in the US at Brandeis University. Then after spending a Semester on exchange at University of Regensburg, I subsequently completed a Masters at the LMU in Munich and went on to do a PhD there too. After that I was a postdoc at the University of Augsburg and spent the academic year 2011-12 at the MPIM Bonn. After my time in Augsburg I then returned to Munich in October 2014 and then in June 2017 started as a Senior Lecturer at Monash. In March 2020 I returned to Regensburg as a member of the group of Stefan Friedl.


I am interested in the topology of manifolds, geometric structures upon them, whether they be contact, symplectic or integrable (i.e. foliations) as well as dynamical aspects of group actions and flows.