The Joshua Project

Men welcoming young men into their emerging adulthood

Boys become men, but that “becoming” can be an arbitrary process, pushed one way or another by random chance and false initiations. Or, as has been done in traditional societies for thousands of years, young men can be consciously guided by experienced mentors to maturity realizing their individual strengths and character in a supportive community.

The Joshua Project was created by Philip Loydpierson, MSW in 1998 to fill just this role. Since then, dozens of young men have taken part in this innovative program. Each season, the men retreat to a woodland encampment in North Carolina away from day to day distraction to provide a rites-of-passage experience and honor youths into their emergence as men.

While most of our participants come from the Charlotte, Boone, and Triangle regions of North Carolina, we welcome elders and young men from everywhere.

We gather generally 4 times per year to celebrate and mark the rites of passage for young men.

"The word initiation suggests beginnings and taking new steps, but it also means a thorough transformation through which we become our intended personality."

-Michael Meade

  • "This was the most powerful weekend I have ever had. It aided in a transition that I have been struggling with. The openness of the community allows for consultation on any conflict. I love the atmosphere and I cannot imagine not returning. I will miss it when I leave." -N V

  • "My personal experience consisted of my initiation into adulthood from adolescence. Life changing experience." -J H