Embodied Movement Liberation



~ Embody joyful self-expression through movement, sound and art ~

Monthly sessions occur at the Afro-Brazilian Cultural Center of New Jersey, 554 Bloomfield Avenue, Bloomfield, NJ. Joyspring offers two sessions every month: a multi-generation social dance for families every first Friday of each month, and a healing dance space for wombyn every second Saturday of each month.

You are invited to

  • move your body freely, intuitively, playfully
  • tap into your joy, shift and release stagnant energy
  • dislodge patterns of conditioning that aren't useful for a joyful liberated embodied life
  • center in and awaken soul expression
  • re-discover passion and embrace your unique purpose

What to expect

  • Simply show up and drop in at any time during the first half hour, find a space for your shoes and belongings in the cubbies provided, and let your spirit be moved by the music. Begin by walking the room, feeling your feet contact the floor with every step. Feeling your heart beat.
  • Invite your body to move in space and ride the waves where they take you. Notice your feelings, your observations, your judgements, your list-making mind and keep returning to your breath. Feel free to close your eyes and drop into your body.
  • Listen for spontaneous guidance from the facilitator and, if you desire to, follow along with any of the movement or voiced practices.
  • Drop out of movement and voice whenever you feel like sitting quiet and still or laying down, or doing some stretching and yoga. Breathe. Follow your heart where it leads you - observe, draw, meditate, cuddle with your family or lean on a friend. Breathe. Get up and dance again or start singing. Breathe. Go with your own flow, trust what you feel, and be open to receive the medicine from within you. Explore your center, get to know intimately balance of your unique being.
  • Music will ebb and flow in waves and movements of yin and yang. We'll come to close in a yin space, centering ourselves in a community circle. Inspired by what we are wanting to express, we may share our art, our experience and observations or not, we might flow into a closing guided meditation or not, or close with a song - whatever spirit wills. We'll trust the truth of what we feel from this embodied place of being.
  • You will be able to suggest a favorite tune you or your family loves to move and groove to on the registration form.

Let us play, sing, shout, stomp our feet to the pulse of life and dance with our ancestors. Together we will weave a sacred creative space for what is wanting to be expressed, healed and released through us. It will be intriguing to witness what life and creativity will be born from our deeply embodied space of awareness and consciousness.

Joyspring dance! Register here.

Immerse yourself in this wellspring to have fun exploring what it feels like to be free, embody authentic self-expression and create space for joy within your relationships.

JoySpring is an invitation to let spirit play free again. With minimal guidance and lots of self-directed experiences, allow yourself to expand into your full sovereign organic being, to feel our integral connection to Mother Earth and the Galactic Womb of Life, to become so present and able, to tend the garden of our soul, our family, our community and our planet.

*JOY SPRING is a joyful jazz composition by Clifford Brown Max Roach (1954)