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A few tips for extending the life of your nail strips:

  • Nail strips need to be room temperature before application.
  • Before applying, wash hands, buff your nails, push back cuticles, and then wipe your nails with the alcohol pad provided.
  • Apply strip to nail starting near the cuticle then gently stretch & smooth the strip over the tip of the nail. Then smooth the sides. Be sure to push out any creases/bubbles.
  • Do not wash your hands for 30 minutes after application to allow the strips to bond.
  • These strips can be used on your toes too.

What does a Color Street package contain?

  • A manicure set contains 16 double-ended strips to best fit each nail shape. (The largest strip is 2 cm wide)
  • An alcohol prep pad to clean the nail surface and finger tips prior to application.
  • A fancy nail file!