Take the Guesswork out of Grants with 

Joyful Grant Consulting


You are in the right place if you are a busy, social justice non-profit that needs help securing more grant funding. That way your organization can make further meaningful impacts! 

We know social justice non-profits are busy making real impacts in their communities. 

We know you don't always have the staff capacity or time to dedicate to:

🤝 fruitful donor outreach 

👩‍💻 intensive grant research

✍️ formulating a grant strategy

📑 meticulously reviewing grant proposals 

🥇 producing grants to fund your project/program

This is why we offer professional grant consulting services to take the guesswork out of grants!

Our Mission

We make the processes of grant research, funder outreach, funding strategies, and grant applications not only more fruitful, but also more joyful!

What We Offer

Professional Grant Consulting Services

We address key gaps that your social justice non-profit faces in figuring out what grants to pursue, when to go after them, and how to write winning proposals.

Whether your non-profit:

🌟 is not regularly winning grants

🌟 is having poor funder response rates 

🌟 is unsure of the best oppportunities to pursue

🌟 -or- generally wants smoother grant processes

Joyful Grant Consulting, Corp. has a personalized solution for your non-profit because one-size does not fit all!

Grant Consulting Services

Grant Prospect VIP Weeks

Our VIP Weeks are a one of a kind opportunity for small to medium-sized non-profits who want to stop missing funding opportunities and instead have a clear grant strategy!

Go from “How will we possibly get this project (or program) funded?!” to having a custom roadmap of the exact 8-12 best grants.

All in just 5 days! 

(Click here to learn more)

Grant Funding Strategy

Know your non-profit's strategy for the optimal grants to apply for in the next 12-18 months 

Grant Writing

Ensure your grant proposal is meticulously prepared before your upcoming submission deadline

Grant Optimization:

🌟 We reduce ambiguity surrounding grant funding and donor outreach

🌟 We take the guesswork out of grants by creating grant funding strategies with the best grant opportunities and return on investment

🌟 We turn those opportunities into competitive, application-ready proposals that funders want to read

🌟 We maximize your non-profit's impact by helping you expand funding for the projects/programs that serve your community

Take the Guesswork out of Grants!

#1 Way to Win More Grants: Have a Grant Funding Strategy

Our most popular service is creating executable Grant Funding Strategies for busy, social justice non-profits like yours! 

I start by meeting with your non-profit team to learn about what project or program you want to get funded. I then thoroughly research and analyze the potential grant prospects, collaborate with your team, and determine the grants with the highest chances of success. 

A Funding Strategy is a research process, but also a deliverable that outlines the optimal grants to apply for in the next 12-18 months, as well as a timeline of key steps needed.

Find out more about our Grant Funding Strategy below in the "Services" section ⬇️

Meet Your Lead Grant Consultant: Joy

Does your social justice non-profit have a fear of missing out on grant funding? 

Check out our services below  ⬇️ to learn how Joyful Grant Consulting, Corp. can optimize your grant processes! This is so your non-profit never misses aligned grant opportunities again!

💎 VIP Week: Grant Prospecting in a Pinch

It’s time to push past being bogged down by grant prospecting and onto winning some grants!

Can you relate to at least one of these scenarios?

⭕ You recently found out one of your repeat grantors are no longer funding your non-profit.

⭕ You have an upcoming capital project that will not be possible if you can’t raise more funds.

⭕ Without a handful of grant matches made in heaven, your project or program will likely come to a grinding halt, leaving your community without the life-changing services they depend on you for.

If so, it's time to strategize!

Our VIP Week: Grant Prospecting in a Pinch is a one of a kind opportunity for small to medium-sized non-profits who want to quickly end the cycle of going after miscellaneous grants on a whim and instead have a clear grant strategy!

By the end of these five days, we’ll present you with a final deliverable of the optimal 8-12 grants to apply for in the next 12-18 months! 

VIP Week Package Includes:

(Five) 45-60 minute Video Calls:

🌟From Monday to Friday we'll gather your project/program information. Then behind the scenes we can be scouring through and pre-vetting 100s of grants.

Grant Roadmap Final Deliverable:

By the end of the week, you'll have a final deliverable with the 8-12 grants with the highest likelihood of success and return on investment.

Power Prospectus:

This 1-page, graphically designed funder outreach document will help you seamlessly introduce your project/program to funders.

VIP Week Bonuses:

⭐ Unlimited access to an editable version of your funder outreach document (Power Prospectus). That way you can update your funder outreach document as your projects and programs grow and change over time!

⭐ Exclusive funder outreach templates.

⭐ Grant calendar template.

Click here to learn more -OR- sign up for our Fall 2023 VIP Week waitlist here!

Grant Funding Strategy

A Funding Strategy (short for Grant Funding Strategy) is both a deliverable and a grant research process for a particular project or program that your non-profit wants to get funded. Its purpose is to provide a clear strategy for the optimal grants to pursue. 

This involves Joyful Grant Consulting

1️⃣ meeting with your non-profit to determine the project or program you want to get funded 

2️⃣ researching & analyzing 100+ grants 

3️⃣ determining the top 20 best grants 

4️⃣ discussing the prospects with your non-profit 

5️⃣ determining competitiveness of the grants 

6️⃣ creating a deliverable, including a personalized Funding Strategy outlining the grants with a 20% chance of winning & a timeline of action items

The grant process is more than just writing winning grants, it's also creating an executable funding strategy to know the best prospects to even apply for!

🤔 Does your non-profit seem to apply for grants often, but not regularly win?

🤔 Is your non-profit unsure of which grants to pursue in the next 12-18 months? 

🤔 Does your non-profit want a smoother grant process?

If the answer is yes to any of those questions, book a free 20-minute consultation with Joy today!

(Pricing for the Funding Strategy will be based on scope of work discussed in your free consultation.)

Grant Writing

Does your non-profit need help with writing grants to fund your impactful project and programs

Even if you have in-house grant writing capacity, an outside consultant can support you in flawlessly writing your grant narratives, budget, and attachments. 

As a grant writing team, Joyful Grant Consulting, Corp. ensures that:

1️⃣ your project/program meets the criteria of the grantmaker & it aligns with their stated giving priorities

2️⃣ your grant narratives are compelling and clearly answer the application prompts

3️⃣ your budget is finalized

4️⃣ your application narratives read cohesively and are grammatically correct

5️⃣ your application has all the attachments and documents required

6️⃣ your proposal is submitted on time!

The grant proposal process has a lot of moving parts that can easily be overlooked. Even minor errors in your grant application can mean the difference between a $xxx,xxx check and $0. 

Your non-profit has already put so much time and effort into your community and needs the funding to take your project or program to the next level. 

Note: In order for non-profits to have the highest likelihood of grant success, a grant strategy is the essential first step. Our Grant Prospect VIP Week or Grant Funding Strategy is the pre-requisite to hiring us for grant writing services.

After Joyful Grant Consulting, Corp. has researched and strategized the optimal grants to pursue (either through our Grant Prospect VIP Week or Grant Funding Strategy), we are happy to help the organizations then pursue those most aligned opportunities. 

Pricing to be determined by scope of work. 

Additional Services

Joyful Grant Consulting, Corp. also offers other individualized consultation services for non-profits, including grant proposal review and funder outreach.

If your non-profit would like to work with our team in another grant-related capacity not mentioned above, please email joy@joyfulgrants.com to discuss how our work could align. 

Are you interested in us taking the guesswork out of grants for your non-profit?

💵 Are the grants guaranteed to win? 

No, grants are not guaranteed to win. Only the grantmaker/funder can decide who they choose to award grants to.  

The Funding Strategy research process aims to take the guesswork out of grants and suggests the grants with at least a 20% chance of success. While this 20% is not a guarantee, it is based off of all available information given by the grantmaker to determine eligibility, alignment and competitiveness.

🇺🇸 Do I have to be a non-profit based in the US?

Joyful Grant Consulting, Corp. currently focuses on working with non-profits based in the U.S., particularly for the Funding Strategy. However, if international non-profits would like to contract for Grant Proposal Review or a funder outreach project (Power Prospectus), you can email joy@joyfulgrants.com to learn more.

Additionally, our free resources are generally applicable to both domestic and international non-profits. 

🏦 Can we pay after we receive the grant funding?

No, using grant funding to pay grant consultants is considered unethical. Joyful Grant Consulting, Corp. services and set fees are outlined in our contracts and are agreed upon before the services begin. 

📑 Do we need to be a registered 501(c)(3) organization? 

Yes, Joyful Grant Consulting, Corp. only works with non-profits that are recognized and approved by the IRS as tax-exempt. 

The 501(c)(3) status is granted to charitable organizations based in the U.S. that meet a certain criteria. Many grantfunders use 501(c)(3) status as part of their own eligibility criteria as well.