Joshua Zelinsky


BA Yale 2007

PhD Boston University 2014


My research has been on three main topics: integer complexity, Artin representations and odd perfect numbers. More broadly, my research has focused on combinatorial aspects of analytic and algebraic number theory.

Publications: On the total number of prime factors of an odd perfect number (Submitted)

Upper bounds on the second largest prime factor of an odd perfect number (International Journal of Number Theory, 2019)

An improvement of an inequality of Ochem and Rao concerning odd perfect numbers (Integers, 2018)

Upper Bounds for the Number of Primitive Ray Class Characters With Conductor Below a Given Bound (Acta Arithmetica, 2016)- Note that the published version has tighter results than this preprint form.

Numbers with Integer Complexity Close to the Lower Bound (Integers, 2012)

Tau Numbers: A Partial Proof of a Conjecture and Other Results (Journal of Integer Sequences, 2002)

Other items:

Here is a very short (4 minutes) talk on some of my research on integer complexity. This video is intended for a general audience.

Teaching: This semester, I am a recitation leader for Calculus II (Math 166), and am teaching Mathematical Ideas (Math 105).