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Lead Deposition on Electrochemically Grown Poly-MethylThiophine

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Conducting polymers such as Poly methylThiophene(P3MT) can be used in the detection of what once were previously undetectable compounds through the use of voltammetry. We investigated the relationship between morphology and vibrational spectra, Polymers were grown through the use of electro-chemistry and bathed in a solution of lead nitrate. We were able to characterize regions where the lead nitrate was successfully deposited onto the substrate of polymer. This was achieved through Raman spectroscopy and comparison with the spectra of the individual compounds in the fingerprint region. The Raman spectra revealed significant differences in bands for polymer versus the polymer deposited with lead. Spectral Regions either solely showed peaks associated with polymer or peaks associated with the lead nitrate along with the polymer substrate. This demonstrated the specific interactions of the polymer to the lead nitrate and not to the substrate ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) that the polymer was grown. When comparing groups of successfully deposited lead nitrate with the images taken we were also able to be correlated to the morphology. Since the Lead based salts have specific morphology this was used to verify deposition.


We investigated the chemical interactions between thiophene based polymer and Lead based salts. The objective is to elucidate the relationship between deposition of salts and loss of reduction peaks associated with catechol when performing Cyclic voltammetry. To this end we employ optical imaging on a micron scale and Raman spectroscopy probing molecular vibrations. Samples of polymer were electrochemically grown and bathed in solutions containing the Lead based salts. The spectra of these samples either showed peaks associated with the polymer and/or the Lead based salt. This method was used to characterize the specific interactions of the polymer to the Lead Nitrate as opposed to the substrate ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) on which the polymer was grown.

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