General Description

Notate is an application designed for the easy generation of sheet music. Its main feature includes a keyboard for note entry, instead of the industry standards drag and drop method. This change was made due to drag and drop note entry not scaling down well to small screens.

Major App Accomplishments

Responsive Screen Rendering

Each piece of sheet music is drawn to fit on the current screen. This prevents the need to zoom in on the sheet music. This also facilitates the editing and reading of the sheet music.

Real Time PlayBack

Notate reproduces the song using midi standard audio sequencing format. Each song is converted to a series of midi note events and is played back by the systems native playback engine.

Export to Printable formats

Notate is capable of exporting the final sheet music to Docx, Epub file formats. One can either print the files directly or save them to another E-Book reader such as Google Play Books, or Microsoft Word.

Cross Platform Editing

If it is still prefered to work on a larger screen computer, the file can be exported to the MusicXML format. This format is supported for the opening of sheet music inall major music notation software suites. Including: FInale, SIbelius, and MuseScore.