Joseph Uglietto is a Senior Analyst and the owner of Diversified Energy Specialists!

Joseph Uglietto is a management consultant and the President and Founder of Diversified Energy Specialists. Joseph and his team at DES will not only work with you to understand how solar energy works, they will also negotiate on your behalf to help you get the best price for your Alternative or renewable Energy Credits.

Joseph Uglietto and his team are knowledgable about Solar Energy and will show you how you can benefit from it financially. Joseph is ready to help you understand about tradable, energy assets and the new Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard.

They will assist you with:

  • finding a biofuel supplier
  • teach you about the blending process
  • creating your report
  • getting you Alternative Energy Credits
  • selling your alternative energy credits to utility companies

Maybe you have not yet switched over to Solar Energy because you do not think it will benefit you or you just don't understand how it all works. Joseph Uglietto would like to help you understand why Solar Energy is the way to go.

  • You will most definitely lower your energy bill, and you may even be able to completely eliminate it.
  • Rising energy costs will no longer be a worry to you
  • Solar Power is good for the environment
  • Your home's property value will go up
  • You will benefit from Federal Tax credits

It looks more and more like Solar Energy is the way of the future, so it makes sense to research it and decide if solar energy is for you.

To learn more about Solar energy, contact Joseph Uglietto today.