Welcome to my website! I am a senior data scientist at the City of Amsterdam and as researcher affilated to Spatial Economics - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. I have a PhD from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam where I was supervised by Jos van Ommeren and Erik Verhoef. Before my PhD, I studied Economics and Econometrics at Tinbergen Institute, Spatial Transport and Environmental Economics at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and Future Planet Studies at Universiteit van Amsterdam. In 2019, I visited Imperial College London, where I worked with Dan Graham at the Transport Strategy Centre.

My research focuses on empirical applications in transport economics and environmental economics. So far I have studied road safety, immediate effects of air pollution, and urban cycling related topics. For the latter, I use public data of bicycle sharing schemes in major cities (e.g. Paris, London, New York City). See Research for more information.

For fun, I am also a musician (see Music) and a podcast host (see Podcast).