Studio Recording



Venue has a studio ideal for recording from plugged-in instruments and some microphone recording capabilities. It is also ideal for live recording in front of a small audience of 10-15 people. The live audience gives a level of intensity to the performance that can be hard to achieve with an empty studio, especially for musicians who thrive off of the interaction with an audience.

Venue Advantages

  • Extremely clean audio with shielded connections between recording equipment and instruments.
  • Comfortable environment with two nice couches, a kitchen with a full-size fridge, microwave, and stove
  • Historic, shabby chic environment sets an aesthetic tone for creative work
  • Away from the hustle and bustle of the city to keep people on focus and less distracted

Staff expertise

  • Our recording staff have more than 20 years experience working with professional recording tools
  • Trained at the UMKC Conservatory of Music, we not only understand the technical aspects of a successful recording project, but understand musicality
  • Our staff continue to stay up with current technologies and learn from the best resources such as the professional studio handbook series by Bobby Owsinski's "Recording Engineer's Handbook", "Mixing Engineer's Handbook", and "Mastering Engineer's Handbook". In addition we have studied "How to build a professional recording studio" to enhance the acoustical environment.

Instruments and tools

In addition to the studio tools pictured below we also have available these tools:

  • Bass Guitar
  • Radial Stereo DI
  • Acoustically treated studio control room for mix-down and mastery
  • two power conditioners
  • Acoustical recording stand with acoustical isolation
  • Seating area for 15-20 guests
  • Recording area large enough for 8 musicians
  • Second recording area large enough for 3 more musicians
  • Pitch correction tools, which can be put into the singer's monitor to guide a singer to more accurate pitch. The recording will be the singer's actually voice, but the pitch correction will help the singer stay on pitch while recording.
  • We have acoustic drums and cymbals available on request, though our custom hybrid acoustic/digital drum set is highly recommend for efficient and clean recording
  • We have an African Djembe available on request
  • We have other percussion accessories such as bell chimes, shakers, etc. upon request
  • We have a trumpet player, flutist, bassist, jazz pianist, singers, drummers, bassoonist, clarinetist available upon request (if you are a musician who would like to audition to be on our preferred list, send us an email)

2 Hearback Hubs

with 4 Mixers

(please bring your own headphones)

FocusRite 18i20

2 MOTU 896MK's

Cymatic uTrack24

Pro Tools

with iPad remote

CueMix FX

MOTU Digital Patchbay

Mac Pro

Audio Workstation

yamaha HS5

Reference Monitors

adam t7v

Reference Monitors

akg k240

Reference Headphones

AKG C414

2 Shure Beta 87's

2 Shure SM57's

Roland td20/TD10

Two 8-channel recording drum modules with expansion kits


Real Feel Cymbals

DW drums

Mesh heads with triggers

Roland RD700NX

Yamaha S90

Native Instruments S61

sans amp

Tech 21 Bass DI

Fender strat

Electric Guitar

line 6 m13