Venue cleveland

This photo is a little old, the exterior is now a nice shade of grey. We will get an updated photo soon.


"Venue" is located at 302 W. Main Street in Cleveland, MO. Venue features a performance area big enough for a small group of musicians and a small live audience. It is ideal for a "Real Life Studio" event where the audience is part of the recording experience, but can be rented for events that do not involve recording.

For events without musicians, there is a projector, large screen TV, and sound system that can be used to play music, videos, or to use for amplification for public speaking engagements.

The dining area has 3 high-top tables that seat 4 people each and two couches as well as 8 comfortable fold-up chairs and one fold-up serving table. It is the perfect place for a meeting with 15-25 people.

The kitchen has a very nice stove, refrigerator, and a microwave.

There is a single restroom in the building centrally located.

There is an office area (photo not shown) that is treated with acoustical treatments to create a nice acoustical space for listening to music or working on audio mixdown projects (when the train is not coming through town).


Due to COVID-19 concerns we decided not to rent the Venue out, but are considering selling it for the right price. We have invested considerably into remodeling it with a fresh coat of paint inside and out, roof waterproofing, rustic/modern accent lighting, new solid oak hardwood floors, nice stove, nice fridge, sound system, inline hot water heater in kitchen, fluorescent light upgraded to LED lights in office area and code entry doors.

Live Audience Performance Area

Dining Area

Kitchen - the stove shown is no longer there, but we did replace it with a newer one.


Send an email inquiry to t r o y j o r d a n 2 0 0 9 @ (without the spaces) to inquire about buying the Venue.