Joost De Wulf lives in Bruges, Belgium. He is
an aikido student of Seiji Tomita Shihan,
founder of Ban Sen Juku vzw
and iaijutsu student of Benoit de Spoelberch,
currently teaching iai in Brussels (朧月堂 Rogetsudo) and Leuven ('t Celestijntje) in Getsurinkai.

Joost holds the rank of 5dan aikido (Ban Sen Ryu) and 3dan iai (Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu, Yamauchi-ha).

Joost is not teaching currently* but open to interchange and sharing of experiences in Japanese martial arts and training together in or near Bruges.

contact : joost [at-sign] dojo [dot] be

*except teaching aiki once a month in Lembeke