Speaking & Choral Clinics


As a motivational speaker I truly love helping people get closer to their goals! By sharing stories of my outdoor adventures and choir classroom I'm able to help people create and understand their goals, their reason why, and to believe in themselves. It is my hope that I can invigorate people so they can chase their goals and their passions to the max. If you are interested in having me speak to your school, group, or company let me know! I would be honored to talk with you about joining you and your team. Email me at jonesintogetfit@gmail.com and we can discuss it further!

Choral Clinics

There are many fun, unique, and beneficial opportunities you can offer your students. My favorite experience to bring in a clinician. While traveling to a competition and clinic is fun it isn't always feasible, that's when I bring in a clinician. By bringing in another choral director you will help reinforce the concepts you are teaching your choir. They will help to invigorate, motivate, and engage your students!

I am a naturally energetic and passionate person who wants to help grow your choirs community, energize your students, and grow their passion of music and singing. As a clinician, I can easily help focus on what you are working on with your ensembles and/or we can focus on creating amazing music. My expertise truly lies on being expressive and having groups create and share an emotion with the audience. I'd be honored to come visit you and your group and help them get closer to your goals

If you are interested in having me visit and work with you group, please email me at jonesintogetfit@gmail.com