Mindset Coaching

Do you want more in your life?

Are you ready to take yourself to the next level?

Looking to uncover full potential?

Then you are at the right place! Mindset Coach Spencer Jones can help you reach your goals and dreams. How? By listening to you, your story, and working with you to create a custom schedule, task list, and timeline that works with your life.

There are 3 coaching plans available. Each one offers different levels of coaching. Find the one that best fits you and your goals and set up a free consultation with Spencer and get you closer to your goals and dreams!

Bronze Plan is $49 a month. It includes a custom schedule, task list, and timeline, plus one weekly check-in via email, text, or phone call.

Silver Plan is $199 a month. The silver plan is a popular coaching plan and includes a custom schedule, task list, and timeline, plus 3 weekly check-ins via email, text or phone call. This plan also includes a one 30 minute video chat per month as well as adjustments to the schedule, task list, and timeline as needed.

Gold Plan is $499 a month. This plan includes a custom schedule, task list, and timeline, plus unlimited check-ins via email, text, or phone call and up to 4 video chats per month.

Learn more about Spencer

Spencer is an outgoing, energetic, fast paced person who wants results. And he wants them fast. Ever since he was a kid he was talking to people and creating and building crazy projects like a go kart from scratch, a spinning siren light, and much more. Because of his perceived impatience, he excelled in things that were easy to him, like learning the piano and playing the oboe, but got easily frustrated when something was challenging, like reading. While Spencer was a hyper kid he never gravitated towards playing played any sports. He was homeschooled and never grew any interest in playing anything besides some catch with his friends. During his second and third year (of seven) of college he started to gain weight, to the tune of forty extra pounds. During the Spring of that third year he married his beautiful wife, Katie. He got married at the heaviest weight of his life . He hated the way he felt and especially hated the way he looked. That Summer, he put in the work at the gym and lost 30 pounds. He felt great and was beginning to enjoy the way he looked.

Over the next six years, Spencer found the extra weight creeping its way back into his life, and he ultimately gained twenty pounds. By now he was working as a choir teacher was already chasing his passion of kayak fishing. By the end of his second Summer of kayak fishing, Spencer noticed it was getting more and more difficult for him to put the kayak on top of his Prius. He purchased the prius just the year before and couldn’t stand the thought of spending more money for a new car or a trailer just to haul his kayak. As the months passed, he gained a few more pounds and came to once again hate the way he looked and how sluggish and weak he was feeling. Spencer was always energetic but he noticed that it was slowly diminishing. That December, he finally had enough and was going to change. On Dec. 26th of 2013 he committed to transforming his life and diet to a much healthier lifestyle.

Spencer’s journey started by doing P90x with his brother in law. He lost twenty pounds doing that program. Spencer didn’t stop there though, he continued and did P90x3 and lost another ten pounds. From then on he has done multiple workout programs like body beast, hammer and chisel, 22 Minute Hard Corp, 21 day Fix, and many other Beachbody programs. He has even created his own workout called the O.T. Drill!

The empowerment Spencer experienced by taking control of his life and his body was incredible. Not only did he shed those unwanted pounds, he had more energy and regained his zest for life. This lead him to become a Beachbody coach with the goal of helping others to achieve the same successes that he had. This ultimately led him to seek out other opportunities for personal development. After being reluctant for almost half a year he finally decided to try it and listened to an audiobook copy of the book “Eat that Frog” by Brian Tracy. From that moment onward he has been hooked on learning and growing his mind, his body, and his business.

Over the year’s Spencer has had many mentors, from his college piano professor to his brother in law guiding him in the area of fitness. However, it wasn’t until he decided to do the Madison Half Ironman that he hired a coach specific for a goal. (Although upon reflection he realized that his piano professor had a very similar task) This decision was a complete game-changer. He was now being held directly accountable and given tasks that pushed him to and in some cases beyond his limits. Spencer rose to every challenge and ended up crushing his “epic” goal of doing a half Ironman in under six hours. It never would have happened without the support of his wife, friends, and especially his coach Ted Mcdonald. Because of this experience Spencer has reached out for coaching in multiple areas of his life. Everything from business to choral conducting and teaching. Now, he wants to help empower you. Spencer wants to help you reach your full potential and unlock the awesomeness that is inside you. Invite him into your life to listen to you and hear about your goals. Then work one on one with him to create a plan that will help you stop “falling off the wagon” and dominate and drive it!

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