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If you said yes, then I'd love to talk with you about joining my team! What do I mean exactly? Well, after kayak fishing for a couple years I noticed that I was starting to struggle with some of the basic things like car topping my kayak, paddling longer distances, etc. It was towards the end of a summer when I finally had had enough and decided to change. I then started to eat healthier and work out. This was a true game changer for me. It not only helped my physical self but my mental self as well. I am happier, more positive, enthusiastic, and, of course, stronger! What did I use to help facilitate the change? Beachbody. It started with p90x and now I've completed almost every one of their programs! Their trainers, programs, and support system are truly incredible. It ignited in me a passion to help people become their best selves. If you're interested in being your best self and chasing your passions to the max, will you join me? I'd love to chat about your goals and see what we can make happen!

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