For Students

Here are some resources intended to help you succeed in college.

Reading Philosophy

Philosophy is hard to read. Starting at the beginning of a text and working straight through to the end usually doesn't work. It's important to read and re-read multiple times and in different ways. The following documents provide advice on how to read more effectively.

Writing a Philosophy Paper

Writing philosophy is also hard. These might help.


Proper, professional etiquette can help you in college and beyond. Unfortunately, many college students and instructors aren't on the same page on these issues. Get the inside scoop on what your college instructors expect.

Smartphones, tablets, laptops

Smartphones, tablets, and laptops pose serious risks for your productivity and success as a college student (not to mention your health). Like other products (think TV or refined sugar), they can be used in moderation and for good, but they unfortunately lend themselves to excess and abuse. These sources may help you avoid getting dragged down by technology.

Mental Health Counseling at Texas State


Be clear about what plagiarism is.