Croatia 2023


1.0 Croatia Bound

May 25, 2025
After months of careful planning, our cycling gear and Air-tagged luggage were a testament to our meticulousness. Sharing a glance with Pam through the plane window, our eyes connected with anticipation and a hint of trepidation about the weather and terrain. The adventure to the Dalmatian Islands was about to commence.

2.0 Split

May 26, 2025 morning
Split, with its timeless allure, is a jewel resting by the Adriatic Sea. Its ancient walls whisper tales of emperors and centuries past while its vibrant promenade hums with modern charm, creating a symphony that resonates with the beauty of life itself.

2.3 Diocletian's Palace

May 26, 2025 afternoon

Step into the echoes of history in the grand Vestibule of Diocletian's Palace. Once a hub for diplomatic meetings, the Vestibule now resonates with the harmonies of acapella singers, weaving stories of past and present for a myriad of captivated tourists. Join us and feel the blend of history and culture in every note.