Jonathan Levy 

Phone                             +61 439395152


About me

I am a Research Fellow in the School of Economics at the University of Sydney. My main research interests are in Behavioural Economics, Experimental Economics, Market Design, Organisational Behaviour and Public Policy


2020             Ph.D. in Economics, University of Technology Sydney.

2013             Bachelor of Resource Economics (Honours), University of Sydney.



"Mutual monitoring, approval motivation and fostering cooperation in teams'', Journal of the Economic Science Association, (2021).

"Two strikes and you are out! An experiment on exclusion", Economics Letters, (2019).

Working papers

"Promotion and demotion contests" (with Jingjing Zhang) Revised and resubmitted at the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

"It's not you (well it is a bit you), it's me: Self- versus social-image in warm-glow giving" (with Philip Grossman) Revise and resubmit at PLoS ONE

"The gender reference point gap" (with Nathan Kettlewell, Agnieszka Tymula, and Xueting Wang)

"Who wants to move first?" (with Lata Gangadharan, Marina Gertsberg, and Erte Xiao)

Work in progress

"Closing the reference point gap" (with Olivia Ru and Agnieszka Tymula)

"Measuring decisiveness'' (with Agnieszka Tymula)

"Handicaps in contests'' (with Qin Wu and Jingjing Zhang)



Experimental Economics (UTS Undergrad)

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics (UOW Undergrad)

Teaching Assistant

Game Theory (UTS Undergrad)

Intermediate Microeconomics (UTS Undergrad)

Mathematics for Economics and Business (UTS Undergrad) 

Commodity and Market Price Analysis (U Sydney Undergrad)

Microeconomic Theory and Policy (UOW Undergrad)  

Mathematics for Business (UOW Undergrad)