Jonathan Graham

Information Technology

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(573) 419-2900

Professional Summary

I am Jonathan Graham. My career goal is to secure a job in the IT industry and to be able to work with knowledgeable people in the IT and repair field. 

I feel called to the IT field.  I love to take everything apart to see how it works. I am so curious about technology. I also have a strong love of gaming. This love of gaming led me to build my own PC and once I learned how to build my own PC, I was hooked!

In my sophomore year at Eagle Ridge Christian School, I developed a plan on why we should have an eSports team. I presented my plan to my school’s administration. I am so proud that the administration listened to me and implemented my plan. In my junior year, we started and competed in our inaugural year of eSports! I am also a member of my school's National Honor Society and have been since my sophomore year.

I am preparing for the IT field by completing a 2-year Computer Networking and Security program at the Cape Girardeau Career and Technology Center (CTC). As well as a few other classes to prepare. 

In the Computer Coding class I took, we learned and went over the coding language Python. It was difficult at first. But my desire to learn kept me pushing through the material. I asked for help, and eventually I persevered.  In my Computer Applications class, I struggled to type properly. I discovered I had been typing the incorrect way my whole life. This was hindering my success and I wanted to better myself for the line of work I would be going into. For IT I would need to know how to type properly and efficiently. I worked diligently at changing my typing habits.


Janice Margrabe

Eagle Ridge Christian School

School Administrator

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Andrew Mellies

Eagle Ridge Christian School and Rock of Cape

Pastor, Teacher, and Coach

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Kristen Martin

Eagle Ridge Christian School

Teacher and Principal                            (573) 339-1335

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Katherine Janssens

Eagle Ridge Christian School

School Counselor

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Allen Whitaker

VeloSity Electronics

Sales Manager

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