Jon Corelis Permissions

This web site is offered for people who are interested in requesting permission to use my writings or music.

An email address is provided below, but because any email address posted to the internet is likely to receive huge amounts of email that is spam or otherwise inappropriate, I ask prospective correspondents to please be supportive by agreeing to the following terms of use:

Please use the email address below only for queries about using my writing or music.

Please be sure that your email includes your full real name, your city of work or residence, and a valid return email address. Permissions are a serious issue, and I feel I need to discuss them with a specific named, identifiable individual. I will not misuse your email address or share your information without your permission.

Please include the word Permission in the subject line of your email.

I will be glad to receive email about permissions, and I hope prospective correspondents will understand the need for the above guidelines.

If you are uncertain about whether you want to obtain permissions, please go ahead and email me with your concerns. I will give permission in most cases free, only asking for agreement on a few things to ensure that my name remains attached to the work, that my copyright is protected, and that I'm made aware of any uses. If after discussing this you decide not to proceed, fine.

If you would like to comment on my writings or music, the best way to do that would be through the public forums or private message on one of the web sites I belong to:


Jon Corelis

Appleton, Wisconsin, USA


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