John's Pro-Clean has specialized in the Apartment cleaning business since 1983. We currently service over 12,000 apartment units and rental houses in Lansing and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide excellent service to our Apartment Communities. We also provided extra on-site services that most carpet cleaning companies do not offer. These extra services will save businesses time and money as most equipment is carried on the trucks.

John's Pro-Clean uses professional truck-mount steam cleaning equipment with temperatures reaching over 200 degrees to reach maximum cleaning results. We do not charge extra for any gum, wax or rust removal, Our apartment cleaning process includes but is not limited to the following process:

• Carpet inspection for any special needs

• Pre-spraying as needed for any difficult stains

• Truck-mount steam cleaning of carpet

• Carpet is groomed to give great appearance

Some of the extra services that we provide for apartment communities include:

1. Carpet patching

2. Carpet stretching

3. Threshold and bar replacement

4. Red Dye removal

5. Tackstrip removal & replacement

6. Deodorization depending on cause of odor

7. Pad removal & replacement

8. Air mover rentals

9. Commercial ozone rental

10. 24/7 emergency water extractions for

communities that we service regularly

John's Pro-Clean cleans all types of commercial carpet and most businesses, including restaurants, all types of offices and other buildings.