Reading Olympics

February 16-March 2

The Get Movin Crew - NEW THIS YEAR!! Register online and raise money! Get rewards just for registering and securing "sponsors" who support you in your reading Olympics!

Events-pick one and start READING!

Choose an event from the list below that sounds interesting and challenging to you. Once you have completed the reading for that event, come back here and click on the event to fill out a the form and submit your accomplishment. Then choose another event and keep on reading!

Individual Events

Alpine Skiing-Listen to an audiobook, read an electronic book, and read a paper book

Biathlon-Read 2 books by the same author

Cross Country Skiing-Read a book longer than 200 pages

Curling-Read a book written by one author and illustrated by another

Figure Skating-Read 5 picture books

Freestyle Skiing-Read a book of poetry

Nordic Combined-Read a type of book you don’t normally read that is more than 200 pages. For example, if you usually read graphic novels, try a mystery or biography.

Skeleton-Read a scary story or mystery

Ski Jumping-Read a type of book that you don’t normally read. For example, if you usually read fiction, try a non-fiction.

Snowboard (half pipe)-Read a graphic novel

Speed Skating-Read a short story or magazine

Olympic Coach-Read a book about an Olympic athlete

Olympic Fan-Read 10 additional minutes each day for 5 days. For example, if you normally read 20 minutes, read 30 minutes each day for 5 days.

Team Events

Bobsled-Read the same book as 3 friends

Cross Country Skiing RELAY-Relay read a book with friends or your class (each person reads a certain amount and passes it on to the next person)

Ice Hockey-Read a book with your entire class (can be done however your teacher wishes)