Staff Directory

The offices of St. John Paul II Catholic School are open Monday-Friday 7:30 am - 4:00 pm

The school day for students is as follows:

  • 8:00 a.m until 3:00 p.m. (regular days)

  • 8:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. (early release day)

We will close our school if Campbell County School District (CCSD) schools are closing due to inclement weather. We will also have a delayed start to the day if CCSD does.





Mrs. Vanessa Gemar


Mrs. Karen Hoffmann

School Secretary

Mrs. Kandis Ford

School Assistant

Fr. Cliff Jacobson


Fr. Bryce Lungren

Associate Pastor

Deacon Kim Carroll

Permanent Deacon

Sr. Carol Mechtenberg, OSF

Religious Nun

If you would like to access your student's classroom website please click on the grade level below your student's teacher's name or your teacher's name.

Please remember that not all classrooms have a website.


All Day Pre-School


Mrs. Alison Carsud

All Day Pre-School Teacher

Mrs. Taryn Nemec

All Day Pre-School Aide


All Day

Pre-Kindergarten - Class #1


Mrs. Anna Hedrix

All Day Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Miss Kristin Opsal

All Day Pre-Kindergarten Aide


All Day

Pre-Kindergarten - Class #2


Mrs. Lyndee Christopherson

All Day Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Haley Neumann

All Day Pre-Kindergarten Aide


All Day

Pre-Kindergarten - Class #3


Mrs. Tina Jackson


All Day Pre-Kindergarten Aide

Mrs. Jessica McKenzie


All Day Pre-Kindergarten Aid




Miss Markee Stevens

Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Tracey McElvery

Title 1 Para-Professional


First Grade


Ms. Jody Ludemann

First Grade Teacher - Class #1

Mr. Kurt Ludemann

First Grade Teacher - Class #2


Second Grade


Mrs. Abby Deprey

First Grade Teacher


Third Grade


Mrs. Adrienne Hess

Third Grade Teacher


Fourth Grade



Fifth Grade


Miss Carrie Saur

Fifth Grade Teacher


Sixth Grade


Mrs. Amanda Bailey

Sixth Grade Teacher




Mr. Alan Heinrich

STEM Teacher

Mr. Tony Schamber

PE Teacher

Mr. Paul Casey

Music Teacher

Mr. Luke Clifton

Art Teacher

Mrs. Mary Clifton

Religion Teacher

Mrs. Cathy Schroeder

Math Lab Teacher /

Math Interventionist

Mrs. Jenn McReynolds






Miss Kristin Opsal

Preschool Aide /

Sunrise/Sunset Program

Mr. Kendrick Quiaoit

Sunset / Sunrise Program

Miss Carly Klein

Fundraising & Marketing Coordinator

Mrs. Cathy Doherty

Kitchen Staff

Mrs. Alice Paxton

Kitchen Staff

Mr. Luke Clifton

Custodian / Maintenance

Mr. Scott Rankin

Custodian / Maintenance

School Leadership Team:

Our School Leadership Team is made up of parents, staff members, and parishioners who serve selflessly for the betterment of the school.

  • Patrick Hladky

  • Gregg Gebhart

  • Sally Craig

  • Lyndee Christopherson

  • William Heili

  • John Poloncic

  • Traci Daly

  • Bertine Bahige

  • Dustin Martinson

  • Kandis Ford

  • Vanessa Gemar

  • Fr. Cliff Jacobson