Choosing Catholic Education

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Why A Catholic Education?

Parents choose Catholic schools for any and all of the following reasons: faith formation, high academic standards, values-added education, and safe school environment. (Source: National Catholic Education Association, NCEA) The heart of a Catholic education is not merely developing a solid foundation in good academics, but in the formation of the whole child. The three components of faith, academics, and service are constantly and inseparably linked together throughout a Catholic Education. Additionally, at the core of why many families might seek a Christian education is the desire to experience kindness, compassion, and acceptance during the educational process. St. John Paul II recognizes those desires and works hard to make them a reality for every student.

Catholic Education is a Challenging Education

Catholic Schools have high standards, strong motivation, effective discipline and an atmosphere of caring combined to foster excellence and a high quality of student performance. National educational assessments show that (NCEA):

  • Catholic school students score higher than public scores on norm-reference and achievement tests, particularly in math and reading.
  • Because of a greater emphasis on homework and study, Catholic school students develop more effective writing skills.
  • Catholic schools have an excellent success rate in educating minority students.

Specifically, students at St. John Paul II Catholic School experience opportunities to become well rounded academically.

  • Spanish is part of the curriculum offered for all of our students, All Day Pre K-6, in order to broaden our students' perspective about other cultures of the world.
  • A majority of our St. JPIICS students place into advanced math in junior high and consistently score well above the national average on MAP tests.
  • Music, Art, Technology, and Physical Education are taught at all grade levels at St. John Paul II.
  • Small class sizes, in a warm and caring environment, with a Christ centered education.
  • All teachers are expected to incorporate the use of computers into other curricular areas.

Faith Formation

St. John Paul II Catholic School provides religion classes at all grade levels. The religion classes are based on the established dogma and teachings of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Classes also stress the development of Christian ethical and moral values. Liturgical and Para-liturgical celebrations are considered to be an integral aspect of religion classes.

During the 2013 Catholic Schools Week, the theme was "Catholic Schools Raise the Standards." We can still apply that lesson today as we strive for not only academic success, but endeavor to lead holy lives. "Teachers and students in Catholic schools are called to more than high academic achievement–we are called to holiness, called to become saints. Does this mean, then, that academics take a back seat? Certainly not! We grow in holiness when we develop the gifts that God has given us, which includes learning all we can about the world around us so that we can, in turn, serve its greatest needs. Catholic schools, then, must help children grow both academically and spiritually–and it’s impossible to do one without the other."

(The Religion Teacher,

Smaller Class Sizes

Smaller class sizes at St. John Paul II permit greater focus on each child. Catholic Schools have smaller classroom sizes as compared to public schools, as well as a lower student to teacher ratio. The average student to teacher ratio is 13:1 in Catholic Schools. (NCEA) Specifically, St. John Paul II Catholic School caps its class sizes at 16. These smaller class sizes allow each student to receive the guidance they need to achieve the three components of faith, academics, and service to form the whole child.

Dedicated Educators

Teachers at St. John Paul II are experts in their subject area, and they demonstrate a genuine dedication to their students. Our teachers are required to be certified and meet all requirements of the State of Wyoming Department of Education in order to teach at our school.

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