Parent Resources

We recognize that parents and family are the primary educators in a child's life and we want to join with them to form a community of shared visions. Therefore, St. John Paul II Catholic School is in a partnership with parents and families to enrich the lives of your children and your family. We want to provide the best religious and education experience possible.

St. John Paul II Catholic School has smaller class sizes, we have dedicated educators, and we are an extension of St. Matthew's Catholic Church so we are in touch with our faith community. Our school is constantly reaching out to families with events such as: the beginning of the year "Meet and Greet", family game night, music programs, and variety of other events . We believe in communication and use several tools to stay in touch with our families through weekly newsletters, Bloomz (school wide app), Teacher Ease, Facebook, and our Website. Additionally, we want you to be involved! Please volunteer! We love volunteers!

Volunteers - Angel Hours

Volunteers enrich the life or our school and our parish. We expect our staff and parents to model that volunteer spirit for our students. In order to keep expenses down and enrich the life of our school, we ask that parents donate volunteer hours. Download the Angel Hours Worksheet to log your hours and for guidelines on turning in your hours to the school. Looking for ideas to complete your Angel Hours? See our Angel Hours page on this website, click the little angel or contact Kandis Ford at 307-686-4114 if you have additional questions.

Parent-Student Handbook

Many questions about our program, curriculum, and expectations can be answered by looking through the Parent-Student Handbook. Stop by the office to receive the most current copy of Parent-Student Handbook Have additional questions? Please contact us at 307-686-4114.

Uniform Dress Code

St. John Paul II Catholic School has joined French Toast’s Dollars In Uniform Program™! Our school now earns 5% cash back on every uniform order placed by phone at 1-800-373-6248 or on the website Be sure to add our school’s source code QS5CKQN at checkout to insure credit.

To shop, simply follow these steps:

Visit and Click on “Shop By School” in the top navigation of the website.

Enter our school code (QS5CKQN)

Click on our School Name

Shop our school’s dress code list

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