JohnHenry Clark

Village Environment

Created with Maya, Blender, Photoshop, and Unity. Camera Effects, Textures, Village Filler Models, Vegetation and some additional assets used from asset store.

Unity Project Page

Android Adventure Game Jam

Game made in 24 hours using Unity and Fungus Dialog/Scripting system. For Windows and Android. Page

Main Menu Scripting

Animated menu system created in Unity. Custom button styles, transition effects, and fonts.

Breakable Object Scripting

Very Short Demo of Breakable Rock

Various Short Animation Effects

Short animations made in Blender of a Dog Animation, Skull Character, Finger-Worm, Destructable Lego Castle, and Wavy Bus

Environmental Effects Demo

Short demo of intro area of Doom 3 mod. Scripted destruction of temple environment and animated face created in level script.

Farming Game

Farming simulator made for class project. I worked on animations, textures, models, and particle effects. Page