John Yin


I am John Yin, a fifth year PhD student at University of Wisconsin, Madison. I study mathematics with a focus in number theory. My advisor is Jordan Ellenberg

My areas of interest are in arithmetic statistics and arithmetic geometry. More specifically, I like to count points on various schemes/stacks, looking at p-adic densities, and looking at asymptotics in p (such as looking at statistics of numerical invariants of varieties mod p as p grows). I am also interested in the application of logic to number theory, and applications of number theory/algebraic geometry to computer algorithms. 

Here is my CV (updated 9/28/23).

Here is my Github. It contains the code for finding density of polynomials over local fields generating an etale extension with specified splitting type (not optimized).


The best way to contact me is via email.

Email: jbyin<at>wisc<dot>edu

Office: 618 Van Vleck

Address: 480 Lincoln Drive, Madison, WI 53706