John Kueber

Current Projects

uZoom - - uZoom offer live 1:1 video from thousands of broadcasters who receive $0.48 a minute for sharing experiences.

Jrrny - - Jrrny is " for travel" -- thousands of travel enthusiasts share their experiences around the world to offer a better version of TripAdvisor. Jrrny has over 1mm active readers

PartyMatch - - "Tinder for Group Parties" - PartyMatch allows group parties such as bachelor and bachelorette parties to browse and match parties while in Las Vegas, South Beach and other party destinations while getting some great deals from nightclubs. - - CoachesTribune offers a way for amateur coaches to learn coaching tips provided by thousands of other amateur and professional coaches. Sports camps can also sponsor content.

Heeltop Socks - - Monthly sock subscription site.


John Kueber is the founder / CEO of several startups with successful exits. Past projects include:

  • Purehome - acquired by
  •, acquired by
  • acquired by
  • Urban Pages Media acquired by Tiger Oak Media)

In addition, he has spent over 10 years in established, operating businesses in media and entertainment such as Tiger Oak Media.

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