Tools I use

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My students and I use Quizlet to create flashcards and review games for vocabulary in Spanish classes. Students frequently use the Match review game to try to beat my best times. Students clamor to "play" the team-based review game called Quizlet Live.

educandy Free for students. Simple to use. And it offers learners a choice of activities to review vocabulary and/or proper grammar constructions.

My students and I use Quizizz for self-correcting reviews or assessments. Example #1. Example #2. Quizizz allows users to have image among their answer choices.

Padlet is another favorite of me and my students. I like it because I can now gather audio or video evidence of learning. Students like it because they can show their learning in many fun ways, including voice recording, video recording, and posting images or text. Here is how one class of second graders are using Padlet in their Spanish class.

My students enjoy doing Jigsaw puzzles that show them scenes and art from the Spanish-speaking world. To create those digital jigsaw puzzles I use the free website,

Screencast-o-matic is my free, tool of choice to make explainer videos for students and substitute teachers.

Explainer video is a tool that allows learners to follow a path or wander through review games the teacher presents.

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Tools to review & assess DMPS Spanish in elementary