Teaching and

Learning Spanish

At Stowe Elementary School my students and I have used several "platforms" from which to organize our teaching and learning. The first was Spanish at Stowe, a website I created to which all students in Grades 3-5 would go. Then we used Duolingo as a base. Last year, 2017-18, year I created a website for each grade level. Using individual websites for each grade helps us connect to the classes' Units of Inquiry.

This year, 2018-19, we are experimenting with Microsoft Teams.

Areas we cover in Spanish at Stowe Elementary School:

  • numeros/numbers
  • colores/colors
  • el cuerpo/body parts
  • la familia
  • sentimientos/feelings & emotions
  • me gusta/no me gusta/¿Te gusta?
  • stuff at school
  • los articulos/ways to say "the"
  • comidas y bebidas/foods & drinks
  • el tiempo atmosférico/weather
  • acidentes geograficos